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Plans & Strategies

Plans & Strategies

Plans and Standards

Our aim for public involvement is to promote and encourage public involvement in the research that we support.  Our belief is that by including a diverse group of people with personal experiences and an interest in health and social care research, it will strengthen the quality of the research, as well as make it more relevant.

Our strategic objectives are linked to the strategic recommendations which are outlined in the Going the Extra Mile review. Our strategy and work plan has been developed in collaboration with members of our consumer panel signed off by our Executive group.


RDS NENC Objectives:

  1. Support the development of high quality research proposals by providing high quality evidence based public involvement support to all RDS clients.
  2. Promote national standards for public involvement to improve quality.
  3. Provide regional leadership to address local and national priorities for public involvement in research.
  4. Develop and maintain the skills and knowledge in public involvement of all RDS advisors.
  5. Optimise the diversity of the communities we involve in RDS PPI activities.
  6. Supporting the development of user led research.

Our strategy and work plan has been developed in collaboration with members of our Consumer Panel and signed off by our Executive group.


National Standards for Public Involvement in Research

The UK Standards for Public Involvement provide clear, concise statements of effective public involvement against which improvement can be assessed. The Partnership who the standards developed also want these standards to encourage approaches and behaviours that are the hallmark of good public involvement such as flexibility, sharing and learning and respect for each other. The overall aim of the standards being to improve the quality and consistency of public involvement in research.

The standards can be adapted to your situation and can be used with any approach to public involvement in research.