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NMAHP Grant Development and Writing Course


Day 1: 5.10.2020

How do projects get funded/what makes a good application?, Professor Helen Hancock, Director RDS NENC and Director Newcastle Clinical Trials Unit

Writing tips: importance of story, style, sales pitch; importance of the research question, Dr Nicky Hall, Senior Research Methodologist, RDS NENC

What do funding panels love and hate in the applications they see?, Dr Monique Lhussier

Who does the application go to/who sees it? The importance of plain English and scientific summaries, Dr Louise Hayes, Senior Research Methodologist and hub lead, RDS NENC

Public and Patient Involvement, Irene McGill, Patient and Dr Allison Farnworth, Senior Research Methodologist and PPI Advisor, RDS NENC and Senior Research Midwife

Day 2: 6.10.2020

How to present evidence synthesis sections, Dr Fiona Beyer, Senior Research Associate, Newcastle University and Evidence Synthesis Specialist Advisor, RDS NENC

How to present statistics sections, Professor Adetayo Kasim, Senior Research Statistician, Durham University and Specialist Advisor in Statistics, RDS NENC

How to present health economics sections, Dr Laura Ternent, Senior Lecturer in Health Economics, Newcastle University and Specialist Advisor in Health Economics, RDS NENC

How to present qualitative sections, Professor Katie Haighton, Specialist Qualitative Advisor, RDS NENC & Associate Professor in Public Health and Wellbeing, Northumbria University

How to present behaviour change sections, Dr Bronia Arnott, Senior Research Methodologist, RDS NENC

Day 3: 4.11.2020

Research Impact, Dr Bronia Arnott,  Senior Research Methodologist, RDS NENC

Previous Successful Applicant, Dr Vikki Smith, Senior Lecturer & Clinical Academic Midwife Sonographer, Northumbria University & The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Questions and Answers session