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RDS Blogs: From the RDS desk

Each month, the Research Design Service, brings you handy tips, insights and experiences of the funding application process. The blogs touch on various themes in the design process and highlight what you need to know before you make a research application.

In this month’s RDS blog, Will the last person turn off the lights? we take a look at what the RDS has achived over the last 15 years and what comes next.

August 2023:  “Don’t be the uncle that only comes to see you for Christmas?”: improving researcher engagement with the voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise sector in social care research

July 2023:’What’s going on, I feel a bit wobbly?!’: Crafting power dynamics at a public involvement event

June 2023:  Literature searching essentials

May 2023: Hot off the press! Resources from the RDS Social Care Research Grant Development and Writing Retreat now available

April 2023: Take the TRAM!